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Mu Beta Psi’s Annual Haunted House This Weekend


Mu Beta Psi’s Annual Haunted House This Weekend

What would Halloween be without a good Haunted House? The musical service fraternity Mu Beta Psi is here to provide that holiday tradition with their annual Haunted House Fundraiser. The fundraiser will be running this Friday and Saturday from 8-10 P.M., in the Catawba basement. Every year, the attraction is based off of a theme; last year, it was a wedding gone horribly wrong. This time, the theme is Dante’s Carnival, and those who visit will be given a tour of the Greatest Show in Hell. Terrifying attractions and demonic carnies await those who dare to enter!

The Haunted House is taking place in the Catawba Hall basement, unlike previous years, which have taken place around the Monterey building. The new location has been used in the past, and offers the perfect atmosphere for a night full of horror. “The close environment makes the scares we have all the more terrifying,” says Chris Davis, Chair for the Haunted House Committee. “I don’t want to say too much, but we’ve set the basement up in a way that will be sure to get people screaming.”

The many different actors preparing for Dante’s Carnival are excited to show off their roles this weekend. “I can’t wait to creep people out!” exclaims Anna Atoria, a Mu Beta Psi member and volunteer for the event. Anticipation for the event has been slowly rising, and come this Friday, the members of the Haunted House will be giving all they’ve got to terrify their audience.

Tickets will be $3, and all proceeds will go towards the VH1 Save the Music Foundation. This is an organization devoted to keeping music curriculum in schools, and funds many different school programs. The fraternity was able to donate over $400 for the Foundation last year, and is hoping to raise even more this year. So come out to Dante’s Carnival! You’ll be certain to see the greatest show in your life.