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Dear Sue by Sue Z. Maroon


Dear Sue,

Everyone keeps talking about President’s Ball coming up. I’m not dating anyone so there is no obvious “we’re going together” and I’m not sure who to ask or if it’s okay to just go alone?

Single and Lonely

Dear Single,

It is perfectly okay to go without a “date”. I’d even dare to say that most people go on their own or with friends. If you’ve never been to pres ball there are three levels. In the Cavern is like a club scene, where most groups of friends hang out in dance. You don’t have to have anyone to dance with. The ground floor is a lounge area without any dancing but with entertainment, and the top floor that has ballroom dancing.

If there’s no one you want to “go” with you could always ask someone along as just a friend. It doesn’t have to be committal. Asking a guy/ girl to go as a friend could always be fun and would give you a partner to dance with if you wanted to ballroom dance.

Of course if you had anyone you wanted to take with you to pres ball it’s still not too late to ask.  I’m sure you have an idea of the people you like who do/ don’t have dates already. If you’re a guy just ask, don’t fear rejection. And if you’re a girl you can always pull the ‘hey, are you taking anyone to Pres. Ball? No? You are now!’

Good luck and enjoy the dance. Remember, no matter what you do: be safe.

~Sue Z. Maroon