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Mystery Dinner by Christy Blevins


Christy Blevins

Mystery Dinner

“It was the Witch! No, it was the Mummy! Wait. No, I know, it was clearly the Werewolf who needed a new heart!”

Thoughts like these raced through Roanoke College students’ minds on the haunting night of Saturday October 26th at the CAB mystery theater event. The event was held in the Ballroom around 8 p.m. and hosted by APsi, APO, and MBPsi.

The “Who-Done-It?” Mystery Theater was successfully pulled off and entertained those willing to play into the mysterious atmosphere. During the night, students from the sponsoring and hosting organizations dressed up as characters, and they played their parts well. Everyone was committed and invited audience members to really participate and become detectives. The mystery theater was set up so that audience members, who sat in groups at various tables, were given a murder scene description, character profiles, and a map to the “mansion” where the murder took place.

Four rounds then proceeded in which the characters were seen walking around and talking to students, being interrogated by the “butler”, once again walking around, and answering questions during the final interrogation. After the final questioning, each student audience member was given a ballot to guess not only who the murderer was, but also a correct motive. Then the complete story was summed up with an explanation of each character, and the murderer was revealed.

The CAB event went off without a hiccup, and they successfully pulled off a “murder.” Students watching the performance unravel were first introduced to an uncast character’s death, Neville. Throughout the night, audiences were able to speak to the eight suspects: the fiancé Lizzie, the werewolf, Hannibal, the “Prince of Dimness” Asthmadeus, A Frankenstein creature called Balihi, The mummy Aldrinktadat, a psychic vampire Madame Garlique, a witch named Glumbda, and finally a Transylvanian Dentist.  Each character had their own personalities and motives to kill the victim.

Throughout the rounds, participants interrogated the characters with hard questions to narrow down who really was the killer, and the actors were well prepared. Each was able to stay true to character and answer questions in a fun yet still suspicious manner. In the end, each one’s motives were revealed, and the murder was found out to be done at the hands of the werewolf Hannibal.

There was one winner with both a correct person guess and a correct motive. The winner was sophomore Taryn Johnson. Johnson won a portable docking station for an mp3 player or Apple iPod/phone. The event was filled with suspicious acts, but also full of comedy. This CAB event was just one of many in their Halloween events, and was perhaps, one of the best.