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Oktoberfest by Rachel Miles


Rachel Miles

On Saturday October 26, 2013, Roanoke College’s German Club hosted an Oktoberst in Pickle Lounge. The price for a ticket was $3 ahead of time, or $5 at the door, and that ticket bought you an evening full of traditional German Oktoberfest activities and themes. On the projector across from the door was a rolling film that showed Germany’s beautiful landscape and architecture, consisting mainly of castles and rolling hills.

The left side of the room was dedicated to the band, which was playing traditional German music in traditional German garb. It was a small band, but they played almost nonstop through the whole evening, and the music was perfect for making the night feel authentic and German. It created ambience and a background for the conversations taking place at the multiple circular tables set up for the students and faculty that chose to attend.

The turnout was very good, and the doors had to be closed over the course of the night because the interest in the event was greater than anticipated and supplies began running out. It was not hard to see why, since the food was not only authentically German but was truly delicious. There were cheese and potatoes, beef and sauerkraut, and toasted rolls. For beverages, there were sodas and juices as well as nonalcoholic beer in order to make the experience more German for all of the guests. For dessert, there was sliced apple strudel with a creamy frosting that you could drizzle over your pastry. Every part of the meal was delicious.

The event lasted for four hours, but attendance came in waves through the night; people coming and leaving to open up room for the next group waiting to experience Oktoberfest. Overall, the night was a success for the German club and everyone who attended the event.