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Roanoke Wind Ensemble Concert by Christy Blevins


Christy Blevins

Roanoke Wind ensemble concert

Olin Theater was filled with the festive music of Oktoberfest on Thursday, October 10th. The Roanoke College Wind Ensemble combined with the Blacksburg Community Band to give a concert at 7:30p.m. This was the eighth annual concert of the combined bands.

As a combined band they filled the stage and entertained audiences with German inspired music in order to kick off Oktoberfest. The concert consisted of nine arrangements, with some pieces being familiar to the audience, and some less familiar. Perhaps the most familiar piece performed was the melody “Sound of Music.” This melody includes, but not limited to, the popularly known “The Sound of Music opener”, “Sixteen Going on Seventeen,” and “Climb Ev’ry Mountain.” The melody also included bits from other popular The Sound of Music songs.

Throughout the concert, three directors switched off back and forth, each directing different pieces. Dr. Joseph Blaha, RC Wind Ensemble director, directed most pieces. Director and Associate director of the Blacksburg Community Band were Jay A. Durner, and Steven E. Brown.

The concert also included other pieces such as Beethoven’s “Zapfenstreich No.1.” This was the energetic opening piece for the bands. Following the opener, the bands proceeded to play Johannes Brahms “Academic Festival Overture,” Wagner’s “‘Das Liebesverbot'”, and two more Wagner’s, “Elsa’s procession to the Cathedral, “and the popular “The Ride of the Valkyries.”

Following the Wagner pieces the bands performed a Bach piece arranged by Dr. Blaha, “Fugue in G minor.” Franz von Suppe’s “Poet and Peasant” was performed before “Sound of Music.” The bands ended with a bang with the ever lively piece “Tritsch-Tratsch Polka” by Johann Strauss.

Audiences gave the bands a standing ovation after a couple pieces and left the theater in high spirits. The next RC Wind Ensemble concert is Thursday, December 5th, at 7:30p.m. in Olin.