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Dear Sue


Dear Sue,

Everyone is so amped up about No-Shave November. Unfortunately it seems that only men are allowed to participate, or that is the social norm, it seems. I really don’t like shaving my legs and I want to participate in No-Shave November. I also think that it is not fair that it is socially acceptable for men to not shave, but women must always be hairless. How can I participate without my friends abandoning me?


Hairy Mary


Dear Hairy Mary,

Do it. Absolutely. It wasn’t until around the first World War that woman really started shaving their legs, we have short dresses and “swim suit season” to blame for that. But luckily November is a cold month so the long summer days of bikini’s and short skirts are over.

Wearing jeans can cover up your unshaved legs and because the air is crisp no one will think it’s weird that you’re just wearing jeans. If you don’t want to be restricted to jeans, stockings are a good solution. Especially if you’re planning on going to pres. ball and wearing a dress. You can get ones that are just the color of your skin or if you’re feeling bold get tights in bright colors.

Not hiding it is always an option too. If you’re prone to wearing running shorts around continue doing that. Don’t feel like you need to hide your unshaved legs. If someone brings it up, express your point. Say you’re aiming for gender equality in social norms. Just don’t back down.

Giving your friends a little warning might be helpful though. They won’t abandon you if they have a heads up of what’s going on. You might even convince a few of them to do the same.

Good luck with your hairy endeavors,

Sue Z. Maroon

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