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Miller Lecture


Shannon Allen

Last Wednesday, Roanoke College was visited by Dr. Joseph Miller, a professor of History at the University of Virginia. While at Roanoke College Dr. Miller observed several African History classes as well as gave a lecture on History in the Wortmann Ballroom. Dr. Miller challenged the audience to think of history on a larger scale. His lecture titled, “Fads and Fallacies: Historicizing the Atlantic” centered on looking at the past on a larger, broader, and oceanic scale.

Students were treated to a sneak peak of a never before seen map created by Dr. Miller to conceptualize the Atlantic Ocean as a center for Western History rather than a specific nation or continent. This specific map will later be used in a textbook publication that Miller is contributing to. Using this map, Dr. Miller explained that it is the Atlantic Ocean alone that creates a catalyst for all history before the early 1900’s. The lecture was concluded with an open-question session where attendees could ask for clarification and more information on certain topics within the lecture.

If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Joseph Miller or the topic of his speech he is the author of several books including, Kings and Kingsmen: Early Mbundu States in Angloa and Way of Death: Merchant Capitalism and Angolan Slave Trade.