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Rachel Miles

New Living Learning Community


For the 2014-2015 school year, Roanoke College is being presented with the possibility of having a new Living Learning Community on campus. The community would be one of arts and culture, welcoming all those interested in wide varieties of art – for example theater, creative writing, poetry, as well as photography, sculpture, drawing, and painting. The space would most likely be in Shenandoah, including eighteen double rooms and a common area that would be able to be used by the art students in the community.

A Living Learning Community is formed when people with similar interests and passions come together to live in a shared space on campus with that similarity at its center for the course of a year, and potentially in consecutive years also. These communities allow the opportunity to continue learning and growing in a specific area throughout the school year, and to share what is learned with the rest of the campus.

Each Living Learning Community must have goals for what they want to accomplish by living in such a community. They must have planned programs and events, about one per month, which will keep them involved with each other and the rest of campus.

Interest must also reach the required numbers, which for this arts and culture community is 18 people. Therefore, if you are interested, adding your name to the list is necessary. To do this, it is possible to email Professor Shortridge of the Art department who is the faculty advisor for this endeavor. If 18 students are not found, the community may be opened up to incoming freshman who are interested in the arts. This would be beneficial in that including newer students there is more assurance in the continuation of the LLC.

The goal for this community is to create a passionate community who can live and create together. A core group of students who are dedicated to this becoming a reality are currently being formed to work through the more tedious steps of forming an LLC. In the Art Club meetings where this idea is being refined, ideas for events have been brainstormed. Potential events include things like: weekly poetry readings, artistic game nights, themed crafts with themes like recycled products or string, movie nights, and annually painting a mural on the walls of the shared common area. These are all possibilities for things to take place within the community.

This arts and culture LLC would be Roanoke College’s sixth Living Learning Community, and if formed would be the ideal place for those passionate about art to spend the next school year.