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Passport to Studying Abroad


Passport to Studying Abroad

Hello, readers! It’s been a while with the different breaks and travels. I have been unable to write lately, but I’m back for a couple more articles to get you prepared for studying abroad.

Hopefully by now, you have selected your school and have figured out which classes you are going to take and all that fun jazz. This week, I’m going to give you advice when it comes to first traveling outside of the country.

The first and most important thing is to GET your passport. Stop reading this article and go get it right now! Then, come back and finish the article. That’s how important having an up-to-date passport is. It normally takes about a month to process and could take longer, so you want to get it as soon as possible. I’m pretty sure if you are studying next semester you already needed to have it, but if you’re planning on going another semester, you still have time.

When it comes to actually traveling, it’s always wise to take about 3 weeks to find a flight. A lot of people make the mistake of finding a great flight and taking it right away when instead, if they had waited, they could have found something better. However, if it really is the greatest deal ever, TAKE IT. When looking for flights, check the following: travel websites, airlines websites, and student discount websites. These three things are normally around the same price, but when it comes to sales, only one of them will have your price. So, check them all.  If you know how to surf the web from your home computer but through the overseas sites, then look for your return flight on the overseas flight; they sometimes advertise different deals. In the same mindset, you don’t always need to have a return flight; plans change some time. It’s nice to have a one-way flight in order to accommodate any of those changes.

When planning trips while aboard, such as going to another country or long break trip, try to leave it pretty open, because you will make friends while studying abroad and they might have another, better plan that you want to do. Word to the wise though—do not try to do everything. Take a nicer trip rather then every trip. Spend more money on one trip to have a nice room or do something extra instead of going on a ton of trips and have crappy conditions.

Those are just a few travel points I thought would be good to get you started on your next leg of the journey for studying abroad. Remember, get your passport ASAP, and have all your travel documents every time you leave any country for another. Look at as many websites for deals as possible, and don’t always take the first good deal you find. Lastly, experience life to the fullest and travel with style and not always poor.

Like always, I’ll be back next issue of Brackety-Ack with insider’s info on how the process really works to get everything ready to study abroad. If you have anything you want to see covered in future articles, please feel free to contact me at ncapelquist@mail.roanoke.edu.

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