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Passport to Studying Abroad

Nick Apelquist

Hello, readers. It’s that time again for me to write you guys and give you all some insight on Studying Abroad. So far, I’ve covered topics such as planning, budgeting, obtaining information, hidden costs, and general information. At this point, I am halfway through this column series and am wondering: are there any special topics you want me to address? I enjoy giving you guys my thoughts and opinions, but if there is something you would like to read about or if you have questions on how a process works, then at the bottom of this article is my email address. Feel free to write to me.

Okay, we are going to talk about packing this week. Packing is something that a lot of people would think is common sense, but there are some things to keep in mind.

The first is you only have 50lbs to bring on the airplane or pay for another extra bag. I would highly suggest you go ahead and pay for the extra bag. It’s very difficult and expensive to mail things overseas, which means it’s better to pay the cost up front and bring everything you will need instead of having it shipped.

The second thing to keep in mind when packing is that you will be there for a minimum of two seasons. You will either be there for summer to fall/winter or winter to spring/summer. Pack for both seasons. Most schools will give you a packing list. Use it, because normally it will tell you how much to bring of each. I would also suggest bringing stuff for sleeping in each of the seasons. You might want an extra layer to sleep in when it gets cold.

The third thing is bringing nice clothes. Going out to clubs or special events often require formal wear. Bring at least three nice outfits if you are going anywhere near a city. The night life is often pretty formal when it comes to going out, so be prepared for it.

There is a lot to remember when packing, but these are just three things that stand out to me—the things I found out when I got here. It was too late to change my actions, but hopefully by reading about them, now you will be prepared when you go abroad and pack all the right stuff to have the best time while in the country of your choosing.

Like always, I’ll be back next issue of Brackety-Ack with insider’s info on how the process really works to get everything ready to study abroad. If you have anything you want to see covered in future articles, please feel free to contact me at ncapelquist@mail.roanoke.edu.

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