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Piscataway Pow Wow in Colket


If you happened to pass through the Colket atrium Friday afternoon around 6 to 7 you were probably greeted by the intricate dance moves and music of the Piscataway Indian Nation. The event you may have noticed was a Pow Wow. You may be asking yourself what exactly is a Pow Wow. Well simply put, a Pow Wow means a gathering of people. And in typical Indian Pow Wow fashion, the Piscataway Indians gathered and even involved many of the students observing.

This Pow Wow was roughly an hour long involving many ceremonial Piscataway Indian dances. Before each dance, the 29th generation Piscataway chief Mark Tayac would inform us of which dance was about to take place. There were a total of ten dances at the Pow Wow – the Grand entry dance, Counting Coue dance, War dance, Grass dance, Honey dance, Crow dance, Rabbit dance, Hoop dance, Eagle dance, and the Closing dance.

Son of Mark Tayac, Naiche Tayac, performed the Eagle dance solo, and Duncan Munsun performed the Hoop dance solo also. Every other dance was performed by Naiche Tayac, Eagle Boy Coe, and Duncan Munsun, while Chief Mark Tayac provided the beat through his drum. Some of the Roanoke College students who attended this Pow Wow even got to join in during two of these ceremonial dances. The second dance that the students joined in on even provided a bit of comedy as the students were partnered up and asked to follow the members of the Piscataway Indian Nation in the ceremonial steps.

This ceremonial dance ended with Mark Tayac congratulating the paired up students on being married through their own ceremonial marriage dance. All of these dances were exciting to watch and provided some great entertainment for the students observing the Pow Wow and the students who got to join in on the fun.