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Speed Dating: Awkward and Fun


On Saturday November 16, CAB and Heat hosted “Speed Dating” from 8 PM to 10PM in the Ballroom. Tables were set up with fake flowers and electronic candles. There were talking point questions on a sheet of paper which included: “where are you from,” “Do you have any unique talents?” “Have you ever talked your way out of a speeding ticket?” and several more.

Attending students signed up at the entrance with their email address and then put on a name tag, real name optional. Everyone got a sheet of paper to write their “dates” name on with a spot next to their name to check off if you  were interested in that person or not. Each “date” lasted for five minutes and the men rotated from one female to the next when time was up. At the end of the evening one could turn their paper in, and if a person was interested in another person and they shared interest, CAB would send both people an email.

In the beginning, there was confusion on how the rotations worked, yet the evening went fairly well. While there were a few more girls than guys the difference was not noticeable.

There were a variety of different people there. The “dates” ranged from drunken speed daters to the slightly socially awkward. Two girls strictly came as a “package deal,” though some people were taking the process of speed dating seriously. Most attending were just there because it had sounded like a fun waste of a few hours on a Saturday evening.

Graham Galloway, a freshman at Roanoke College said, “I found out about speed dating five minutes before it happened, and I went because it sounded like an adventure. Overall it was OK. The rotation order could have been better and I didn’t make any connections. ”

The night was fun and it provided students with a great way to meet new people.