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Welcome to the Faces of Africa


“Karibu Kenya!” exclaimed the presenters at the “Faces of Africa” event last Friday. (Translates to “Welcome to Kenya”) On Friday the 15th of November, sophomore Lydia Friddah and Sarah Abdikadir presented on their home land of Kenya at the “Faces of Africa” CAB event.

During the presentation, Friddah and Abdikadir entertained attending students and staff with fun and educational facts about Kenya, along with cultural music, clothing, and food. Amidst technological difficulties in the beginning of the presentation, the students were able to keep the audience captivated and give a full presentation on their culture. Their plan was to start with a prayer and the national anthem of Kenya as they would have in their country, yet had to push this till the end due to the technical difficulties.

Friddah and Abdikadir gave their presentation in a very well prepared manner. Each presenter had their own stories to tell and their own input to give. The event gave students a view into a different country with a unique culture, and provided them with an opportunity to experience it in a minimal way. Those attending were able to learn about the richly diverse area of Kenya with information given about only a few of the ethnic groups out of the 42 major ones developed.

Friddah’s family was also present during the presentation. Those present included her two sisters, brother, mother, and father. Her family and she dressed in colorful culturally representative clothing. Samples of purses, made by her mother, and clothing were made available for the audience to view and feel. Along with these items, Friddah and Abdikadir also presented artifacts, animal sculptures, and tablet artwork.

The presentation was both a comical and intriguing session to those in attendance. In the talk, they presented interesting facts about Kenya that included the reliance on agriculture, names of different ethnic groups, and dances. The audience learned new information and even got to taste new foods. Friddah’s family prepared a traditional dish of samosa, and a donut-like food.

The end of the session involved finally overcoming technological problems and playing the national anthem and ending the talk with dancing.