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Latin Holiday Dance by HOLA


On Friday, November 22, the Latin Holiday Dance took place in Pickle Lounge on the main level of the Colket Center. From anywhere on the north side of campus, as soon as it became dark outside, the lights coming from the windows of Colket were visible and inviting to students passing by. From only a little closer, the music too could be heard from outside. Walking into the building, the energy emanating from the room was only more obvious.

Through the doors into Pickle, there were people dancing to the fast paced Latin music coming from the DJ at the center of the room. Whether just feeling the music or dancing to well-practiced steps, there was hardly anyone in the room who could resist moving to the beat. The Dj table was at the far end; empty chairs along the left wall; a long food and drink table along the close wall; and along the right were doors that led to the balconies. These were well used by the dancers as a place to cool off and rest before rejoining the others on the dance floor.

The dance was put on by the Hispanic Organization for Leadership and Development, better known as HOLA. The goal of HOLA is to strengthen relationships and connections on campus between students, administers, faculty and staff. It presents a place for members to discuss the difficulties that face the Hispanic community, but more importantly it is to strengthen the Hispanic Community on campus. They often have activities such as the Holiday Dance in order to raise awareness and celebrate the culture’s past and hopeful future.