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Mansions at Roanoke College


While most students are getting stressed about finals week, some seniors are in their final semester. Meagan Cole is a senior Theater major and will be graduating this December. As one last hurrah for her time at Roanoke College she is directing Mansions, a play about the struggles with family, death, and personal religion.

“I found Mansions in the library in June and fell in love with its emotional struggle. The characters are so complex and yet so relatable,” Meagan said when it came to the decision of what play she wanted to direct.

Her experience in the Theater Department has been training her since the beginning of her time at Roanoke to prepare her to put on this play. “I had my choice to direct Mansions approved in September and began analyzing it on the deepest levels; characters, costumes, sets, blocking. We began rehearsals the first week of October and ran every night, four nights a week, for a full hour with our only breaks belonging to school and Dr. Partin’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” she said. One of the actors in Mansions, Kimi Halverson, a sophomore, was in Jekyll and Hyde as well.

Directing a play isn’t easy. Meagan said, “nothing goes the way you want it to the first time, but I learned to embrace the phrase, ‘Let it go.’ Move on, and the next time will be better.  I also know that the difficulties haven’t been nearly as difficult as they could have been without my talented cast and crew.”

Kimi Halverson, who plays Lydia in Mansions, said, “it’s been a great experience. Lydia is a trapped woman who wants to make everyone happy, but in the end realizes that she needs to be happy herself as well. Meagan is a great director to work with.” Bailey Howard, a junior playing the Aunt, said, “I enjoyed working in an entirely student run production. It gives a different kind of pressure knowing that everything is dependent on your ideas and choices.”

After graduation Meagan plans on staying in the Roanoke area, continuing the work she is currently doing in her internship on the films A Good Day to Die and This is for Josephine Brown.

Mansions is free and open for anyone to see. It is being shown in the Studio Theater in Olin 201. The first showing was Thursday, but there is still time to see it Friday December 5 and Saturday the 6th at 7:30 p.m.