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Dear Sue: “Sick of Home”


Dear Sue,

I’ve been looking into studying abroad sometime next year and was really interested in a program in New Zealand. I’ve talked to my family about it and my grandmother is really supportive of the idea, but my mom thinks it’s way too far away. How do I convince her to let me venture out?


Sick of Home


Dear Sick of Home,

College is the perfect time to travel. You don’t yet have any real commitments to work or a family of your own and you can see the world under the guise of getting an education. It’s good that you have some family support, so you’re not trying to convince your mom all on your own.

If her only problem is the distance, it might be beneficial to look into study abroad programs in England. It’s out of the country and still very far away. Even if you have your mind set on New Zealand, she may appreciate you trying to look into a program much closer. You could send her some information about schools in England then slip in the one to New Zealand later.

Of course, nothing beats just sitting down and talking to her. You’re in college and an adult, the only thing holding you back is probably funding (because you’re in college and thus broke).Explain to her all the reasons why you want to go, and all the reasons why it has to be New Zealand. Don’t beg or grovel, that will work against you. Just present your case like the adult you are and hope she’ll understand. Plus, you could always ask Grandma to slip in a good word on your behalf to your mother.

Bon Voyage,

Sue Z. Maroon