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Lone Survivor: Based on Acts of True Courage. Live to Tell the Story.


Lone Survivor premiered on January 10th in the United States, and is a recommended “go-see.” This action packed war movie detailed the nonfiction journey of four Navy Seals in the depths of war ridden Afghanistan during 2005.

The movie was based on a book of the same title that was published in 2007 by Marcus Luttrell, one of the main participants in the mission. The movie starred well-known actors such as Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch, Ben Foster, and Eric Bana in leading roles. Directed by Peter Berg, who also directed Hancock, the film was released by Universal. Lone Survivor grossed around 43.7 million dollars in less than a week at the box office witha much higher expected profit overall making it a definite success.

The book was published in 2007, the same year that work on the film began, which was two years after the mission itself. It was based on Operation Red Wing, a failed operation that sent four navy seals into hostile territory in Afghanistan to carry out an assassination. They were sent in to track down and deal with a dangerous Taliban leader who had been killing United States marines and innocent locals for too long in the eyes of our military. After their mission is compromised, the four must struggle against the natives, the elements, and technology in a heart wrenching story based on real events.

The film’s creation was aided by Luttrell, other veterans, and the United States Armed Forces. The main actors were all given weeks of military training before filming for authenticity. Lone Survivor is extremely valuable because of its accuracy and because of its ability to show civilians the truth of the war. This also aids in making the film bring you closer to the edge of your seat and closer to tears as the truth of the tragedy of war hits you.

However, perhaps most striking was the reality that was embedded within the film. The opening is a slideshow of actual footage from Navy Seal training, and the finale of the movie honors the fallen with pictures and memories.  One of the most powerful moments is when it becomes evident how crucial another blackhawk would be to saving the mission. In a similar way, the movie is not just serving as a historical representation through the realistic setting and representations, but also as a demonstration of the necessity of military funding.

Lone Survivor itself is a tribute to the memory of what these men sacrificed for their mission and for their country. It highlighted the camaraderie between brothers, the sacrifice between them even until death, and the amazing story of men who gave everything for each other and the good of those for which they were fighting.