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Mission IMPROVable


On Saturday, January 18 CAB hosted the comedy group Mission IMPROVable. This touring group was recently named Campus Magazine’s 2013 Entertainer of the Year.

The group is composed of four male members who call themselves “agents;” their stage names are Agent Pepperjack, Agent Raptor, Agent Sugarbear and Agent Ferretstorm. They all wore white button ups and black ties to continue their agent appearance.

They did several typical improve skits, always looking for audience participation. At the beginning of the show they even got a student, Max Gehring, to rap the chorus of Milkshakes. When asking for object suggestions during one skit the audience repeatedly called out “dildos.” After using it once, both the comedians and the audience were amused and annoyed by the constant repetition.

Students weren’t only used for suggestions but also interacted with the comedians during skits. There was one skit where two audience members were up with the comedians, filling in blanks they left as they were doing the sketch.

Their final piece was the best. They sent one member out of the room and set up three bizarre scenarios. When the agent came back in two of the other members talked in random noises and pantomime to convey these random scenes that he then had to guess.

Yesterday on Thursday the 23rd, CAB brought on another comedian for Maroon Madness. Hopefully, they will continue to bring comedians on campus, with the startup of the improv club, it is obvious many students on campus enjoy the comedians.