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Singer Lea Morris Celebrates Martin Luther King Jr.


Sunday afternoon at 5pm in the cavern, Roanoke College welcomed musician Lea Morris to the campus. Morris came the day before Martin Luther King Day to celebrate and talk about Martin Luther King Jr., and tell students of her own dreams along with emotional stories from her own life.

Morris recounted to the students, faculty, and the other guests in attendance her childhood and how she grew up in a time where segregation was just ending. Along with heartwarming stories of her childhood, she performed songs she had written herself and told the stories and inspiration behind them. She also sang songs from earlier in history such as Wade in the Water. She told us that this particular song was used by slaves to help their friends and families escape by informing them through song to wade in the water in order to cover their scent from anyone tracking them.

The end of her show is where emotion really set in. Lea Morris put down her guitar and asked the audience what their dreams were. No one seemed to want to speak up, so Morris spoke about one of her dreams. She said, “All of humanity, regardless of what their background is or what their future is, will one day come together, and we can realize that we’re all one.”

After Morris described her dream, she waited for someone else to share their own. At first no one seemed courageous enough to stand up in front of everyone and speak, but one woman did. She stood up from the back and told the audience that she has a similar dream and that all she wants is “for the fighting to stop all over the world and have everyone come together and care for one another.” After she was done speaking Morris walked over and told her she was going to hug her, and Morris walked from the back of the room with a huge smile on her face.