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New Semester. New Clubs. New Activities.


Tuesday afternoon at 5pm in the Wortmann Ballroom, Roanoke College hosted its Spring semester Activities Fair. Many new clubs came out to welcome new members. Alongside them were some of Roanoke’s longstanding clubs, equally ready to take on new and interested participants.

Each semester, all clubs on campus are welcomed to set up signs, poster boards, candy, prizes, and, most importantly, a sign-up sheet for anyone who is interested in putting down their name. Each student was handed a yellow card with a list of categories when they arrived, and were allowed the opportunity to enter a raffle if they acquired a signature from different clubs. The raffle prizes included Beats headphones, gift cards to Vineyard Vines and Lily Pullitzer, a Go-Pro camera, a mountain bike, as well as a five hundred dollar travel voucher.

The leadership clubs and their boards were lined up near the door featuring teams for each of the directional sides of campus, ie. North side and South side, as well as our well- known SGA. Tables were set up for service clubs such as Earth Bound, which hosts clean up the river days and raises awareness for the environment, the Animal Rights club, which raises money through bake sales, and many others.

For Greek life, all sororities and fraternities volunteered some members and glamorously decorated signs to draw the interest of students.  Athletic clubs also had tables set up to attract new members. Alongside Academics, Greek Life, and Athletics, “For Fun” clubs also had tables. There were clubs ranging from the Equestrian club, which offers great deals for those who want to go on rides a few times per month, to Battle of the Bast, which leads Nerf gun battles in Bast. Spiritual clubs had their posters set up lining a circle outside of the ballroom. Catholic Campus ministries, for example, advertised with t-shirts for Mass which occurs Sundays in the Atrium Chapel at 7. Other clubs included the Maroon Baptist Fellowship and Pagan fellowship. Furthermore, the multicultural clubs made their signs and enthusiasm to draw interest for clubs such as the Black Student Alliance, Asian Students United or the Lambda Alliance who also had t-shirts at their booth. The academic clubs present included the Historical Society, Model UN and the Psychology Association.

The large number of clubs and much larger number of students ensured the activities fair was a successful whirl of yellow cards and pencils and signing of “raffle ticket” cards and sign-up sheets.