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Maroon Madness a Success for Students

RC Students take a ride on Dean Gene's Cash Cart
RC Students take a ride on Dean Gene’s Cash Cart

Last week Roanoke College put on its annual Maroon Madness events to pump up students for the basketball games on Saturday the 25th. This year, Maroon Madness and Spirit Week happened in the same week so the events combined to create one large celebratory week.

During the week, many events were available for students to participate in to show their Maroon spirit. The most popular events this year were the weekend day events more closely related to Maroon Madness. A big hit across campus this year was the incorporation of Dean Gene and the Cash Cart. Although it was an extremely cold day, Dean Gene drove around on a Roanoke College cart, aka “The Cash Cart” from noon to 1:30, and picked up students wearing Maroon gear. When picked up, students would be asked their destination, and while driving them to their next place, Dean Gene asked students trivia questions ranging a broad band of topics. Once reaching the location, students received a gift card for answering correctly and showing their Maroon Spirit.

Also on Friday the 24th, an Open Mic Night was held for students to come out and show support for one another as others displayed their musical talents. Winners received prizes, and the event kept students warm and entertained. Open Mic Night had a good turnout for Maroon Madness in the Cavern.  Also in the Cavern later on in the night, BSA held a DJ Dance. These events showed great participation and spirit for Maroon Madness.

The big Maroon Madness events took place on Saturday 25th in which both the Men’s and Women’s basketball teams had home games against Randolph-Macon. Starting at 1pm, when students swiped into the Bast Gym to support our teams, they were entered into a raffle for an IPad and a flat screen TV. Along with raffle tickets, students received voucher tickets for free concessions to use at either the women’s or men’s game, and also they were given a free Maroon Madness T-Shirt. There were performances by the dance team and cheerleaders during halftime along with contests for students.

All in all, Maroon Madness pumped up students to show support during the basketball games and brought all Maroons together in their pride to be a Roanoke College Maroon.