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Women’s Basketball ODAC Competition


After winning six straight games, the longest winning streak since the 2009-2010 season, the women’s basketball team has dropped two games straight to ODAC rivals. Their first lost came at the hands of Randolph-Macon College on Saturday, January 25th, in the first of two games at Maroon Madness. Combined, the two teams scored an unprecedented 203 points. The Maroons’ second loss came against the Hornets of Lynchburg College on Tuesday, January 28th. These two losses give the Maroons an 8-9 record and 4-5 record in the ODAC competition.

The first half of the Randolph-Macon game saw the two teams taking a large number of shots all over the court. The Maroons had an edge in the first half by outshooting their opponents and making twenty two pointers and eight three pointers. Randolph-Macon made eighteen two pointers and six three pointers through the first half and outshot Roanoke at the foul line by sinking twelve free throws to the Maroons’ nine free throws.

In the second half Randolph-Macon came out ready to continue scoring at the same pace as the first half, but the Maroons lost all momentum during the first half. Randolph-Macon outshot the Maroons in all categories during the second half, outscoring the Maroons 56-36 to finish up a game that ended with the scoreboard showing the score 110-93 in favor of Randolph-Macon.

Paxton Gwin finished a double-double, pulling down ten rebounds and scoring a team high of 28 points. Laurel Hankins followed Gwin with 22 points and Kelsey Smith and Tatum McKee added 13 apiece.

Roanoke next played host to ODAC leader and close rival, Lynchburg College. Lynchburg led through the majority of the first half, leading by as many as 9 points at the 13:43 mark. The Maroons battled back to take their first lead with 9:33 remaining, but the lead would change seven more times after that point, and the game would be tied on three different occasions. After the first twenty minutes of the game, the Maroons had a narrow lead of 33-32 over their ODAC rivals.

The second half looked much the same as the first half with the exception that Roanoke led through most of the second. The Hornets didn’t have their first lead of the second half until only 8:40 remained in the game. The Maroons stole the lead back with 4:10 remaining but could not hold onto the lead as the Hornets whittled away at the small lead. With 49 seconds remaining Lynchburg took a one point lead off of a layup by Lauren Penley. The Maroons were unable to come back from this small lead as they missed four different shots in the last minute of the game.

The Maroons now hold an 8-9 record and a 4-5 record in ODAC competition. The women’s basketball team plays next on Saturday, February 1 when they travel to Winchester.