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Maroon vs. Food


maroonfoodOn Saturday, February 8th, six members from six separate teams met in Alumni gym to compete in the Maroon vs. Food competition. One member from each team began seated at each table, their colored T shirts identifying their loyalties. Some teams were made up of particular groups such as the purple team, which was made up of members of the soccer team, while others participated just for fun. The sponsors for the event were Cab, Lucky’s Pizza, Elderberry’s, Mac and Bob’s, Allsports Cafe wings and Joes Delicatessen.

There was a MC up front who started the event by listing the rules. As soon as the first team member finished the wing station, he was to pass the baton to the team member behind him who runs back to his station and eats his subs. After that member, there was Elderberry smoothies, Lucky’s Pizza, and finally a station where every team member joined together to finish a Mac and Bob’s sub.

The first round of competitors eating wings tore at the chicken feverishly. The first to finish this round was the red team who finished in record time, passing his baton and the next red team member ran to start his subs. He got a solid head start, a quarter finished with his sub by the time the yellow and blue teams sent a member over. After another few minutes, green joined them at the sub table with orange close behind. The purple team joined last as the underdogs by full minutes, but the team hadn’t lost hope as there were still five stations left.

The first to lick his wrapper clean was shockingly the purple team! Their next member immediately started slurping his maroon berry smoothie from Elderberry’s √ā¬†alternating with the provided water bottles and fighting brain freeze. He had a cheering crowd and almost a five minute head start before red team ran over moving from first place into second. The red team started chugging his smoothie in as few sips as possible, and it was another three minutes before yellow team joined him, only seconds before green was also at the third table.

At the same time, the red team followed the purple team to the pizza station leaving blue and orange still at the subs. Purple had moved on to the winners table where they as a team had to finish a calzone with the help of Gatorade. Meanwhile, yellow and green had joined the pizza table and red had moved on to their final table, fighting to finish before the purple team. Green made their way over to their calzone and began digging in.

Meanwhile, the orange team had run over to the Elderberry’s station remembering from the purple team that underdogs can catch up! With the yellow team starting their calzone, the purple team finishing, the red team choking, and the green team catching up fast, the race was anyone’s game. But in a way no one could have called from the first round, the purple team opened their mouths and proved that every piece of food was gone! Congratulations to the purple team who took home six hundred dollars!

After the competition, there was a raffle that everyone who attended the event was entered into. One lucky audience member went home with a pair of speakers.