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Rommate Games: “I Would Totally Be a Fire Eater too!”


“If your roommate was a circus act which would she be: a clown, a fire eater, or a human cannonball?” This was one of the final questions in the final round of the Roommate Games.

On Friday, February 7th, CAB hosted The Roommate Games in the Cavern around 7pm. The “Games” consisted of eight roommate pairs being asked questions to answer about each other. Each of the three rounds had eight questions ranging from easy to hard and personal.

Normally I am on the outside of the CAB or campus events, watching and gathering information to report on. This past week I broke that trend and entered The Roommate Games with my roommate, Emily. So many roommate pairs showed up to the games that I had thought for sure we wouldn’t make it past the qualification round necessary to even participate in the Games. I make it sound like an Olympic trial, but, alas, it was merely pen and paper sitting between us and first prize.

The qualification round consisted of one roommate filling out a questionnaire about the other, who would then provide her responses. Seven teams got an 8/8 on this questionnaire and moved on to the games. Emily and I were not among those seven. Only one spot remained, and we moved into a tiebreaker round with a few other teams who had also answered 7/8 questions correctly. Once Emily answered the new questionnaire and I gave my answers, I knew we were going to be the wildcard contestants. It was just a game, yet all the participants during the tiebreaker radiated nerves and hope. I was nervous as well because even though it was just a game, everyone loves to win.

The envelope was brought up to the stage from co-moderator Katie Larrivee, and with bated breaths; the wild card entrants were announced. Emily and I were called up and we joined the seven other teams on stage.

Rounds consisted of me, and the other floor level roommates, to hold a white board and write our answers to the questions asked onto the board. The audience would see our answers and the other roommates, sitting with their backs to us, attempted to match the white board answers. Two rounds in and Emily and I had shockingly missed zero questions and had moved into the final round with one other team.

It was such a great experience for me to bond with my roommate, and see the other friends and roomies laugh, scream, sigh, and laugh again together when questions were answered either right or wrong. The final round was by far the most nerve racking when Emily and I switched places and I no longer had the comfort of putting my answers on the whiteboard but instead had to guess what Emily’s answer might be. For the record, Emily would be a “fire eater” in the circus.

After all eight questions were asked and answered the moderators and judges gathered to tally up the scores of missed and correct answers, which left the finalists to sit and chat. At last they announced the winners and once again my name and Emily’s were called out. We only missed one question, and I knew that I had found a friend for life.

Although I’ll probably remain in the audience reporting for most of the CAB or campus events I attend, The Roommate Games was definitely worth participating in, and I suggest that all students go for it if something sounds even the least bit fun. Participate as much as you can. You never know what you might win. Heck, you might even win a $200 gift card to go eat, and another $200 gift card to decorate your room. You never know.