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Latin Lovers Dance Hosted by HOLA


On February 14th, students came to Cavern to celebrate Valentine’s Day at the Latin Lovers DJ Dance hosted by H.O.L.A. The dance started at 11:00 p.m., with the DJ pumping up the Latin inspired dance hits. Most students stopped in the outer lounge first to sample some food and drinks provided by Alejandro’s Mexican Grill.

Couples and groups of single friends came out to dance the night away to the popular Latin hits. The music had very clear tempo which made it easy for everyone to follow the beat and dance too. Several people showed off their skills on the dance floor, but most just danced around and had fun making up steps as they went along.

Sumi Yi, the event planner for the evening, spoke of the dance saying, “I thought it turned out really well and people really enjoyed.” She went on to say that the event, “Turned out a lot bigger than expected. More people came and stayed which is great and THE FOOD [that] was amazing.”

Both the Cavern and the lounge were comfortably full for the majority of the evening, which helped keep the energy going for the dance that last until 2:00 a.m.

A similar Latin themed dance was held to celebrate Christmas last semester, so when asked why the H.O.L.A. club choose to host another event like this, former president of the club Cathy Bonilla commented, “Well H.O.L.A. really wants to revive student involvement on campus and in years past the club would always hold dances at Christmas and Valentine’s Day as a way to involve the whole campus with the fun of the club. It has been a huge success considering H.O.L.A.  isn’t really that well-known.” It appears that H.O.L.A. was successful in gaining more student attention as the event seemed quite popular. Whether students were dancing to the energized music or chilling-out in the lounge, the crowd of people seemed to enjoy their Valentine’s Day in a fun way at the Latin Lovers Dance.