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Bilingual Theater


This year’s bilingual theater event came to Roanoke College on March 13, presenting two great Spanish-American, student-starring works: “La Mision” an original piece from Dr. Dolores Flores-Silva, professor of Roanoke College, and “Coser y Canter” a work from a popular contemporary writer Dolores Prida.

“La Mision”, starring Charla Henley (Senior), is a monologue about a Mexican woman, who is plagued by the mysteries of an ex-boyfriend.

“Coser y Canter” portrays the complex life of a single Cuban girl with two roles; Maria Guarino (Senior) takes on the American side of the Cuban, while Hannah Whitt (Senior) acts out the Latina side of her.

Flores-Silva also directed these works with hope to encourage the use of foreign languages. Flores-Silva said “Languages are a vital tool for the global world.” She sees the benefits of learning languages and hopes to promote others to see this as well.

Both of these works had lines in English and Español and truly displayed the talent and hard work from the students and writers. The students really took on a difficult task learning lines in two different languages but should definitely be proud of their work. As for Flores-Silva, she did a wonderful job organizing and directing.

This event proved to be fun, exciting and offered a challenge de la mente (of the mind).

In order to fully comprehend these works, the viewers would have to be bilingual, obviously. However, switching between the languages in the mind of the audience made the audience feel or see the struggles of the characters as well as the culture influences they felt.

This production is surely something that others will want to see more of and will hopefully be a sign of many more productions to come by the language department, as a way to increase the interests from the students about different languages and cultures.