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Dear Sue: “Weary and Scared”


Dear Sue Z.,

I feel like all of my friends have their lives planned out and where they want to go. We’re only freshmen and my friends already have started thinking about what grad schools they want to go to and what jobs they want to get, and some already have helpful internships and connections. With registration close I just don’t know what to do, or if I should have a detailed plan like the others? Am I just panicking too much? What would you do?

Thank you,

– weary and scared


Dear weary and scared,

Although your friends may seem to have their life planned out, a lot of people, especially freshmen in college, do not have an exact plan. Even if they do, it is always subject to change. The awesome thing about college is that you will have so many experiences that will shape who you are as a person and your goals will all follow. You never know when you will have that one experience that will make everything click. It is better to be open to experiences and interests then to choose out of fear and be stuck. If you do not know what exactly you want to major in, start taking classes that interest you and do not be afraid to talk to professors or other majors in that department. Talking with other students about their goals may help you better develop your own. If you do have a major, then think about why you like the subject, make a list. This can work even if you do not have a major; it will help you visualize what different majors have to offer and maybe even highlight what you are passionate about. As for grad schools, no matter where you are in the decision making process, remember that a big part of getting into schools is grades. Whether you have a major or not, you can work to make your grades the best they can be so that when you do know where you want to apply you will have a good GPA. Don’t forget about your faculty advisor! They love to help you figure out what you want to do or what direction you want to go in. Once you find what is right for you, they are great resources to find internships and other opportunities. Most importantly, remember that you have time just because you do not have an exact plan mapped out does not mean you will not be successful.


Sue Z. Maroon