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Living Poets Society Hosts 2nd Annual Spring Litpalooza


AdvertSaturday, April 5th, at 1pm, The Live Poets Society will host Roanoke College’s 2nd Annual Litpalooza on the first floor of Fintel Library. The event will feature many of Roanoke College’s Undergraduate Creative Writing majors and minors. Some of the readers include Hillary Ferguson, Frank Geurrandeno, Andrea Benson, and Rachel Barton.

Dave Wiseman is the Featured Reader this year. He describes himself as “a hillbilly bibliomancer, unindicted co-conspirator, instigator of bad habits, and occasional stone-mason. He has met the devil a couple of times and come away from it with no more than a few bad habits and a prescription. He is fond of whiskey, hound dogs, and pork, and claims to have lived in Virginia for 225 years, and is older than he looks. He writes poems because the universe is falling apart like a toilet paper submarine and someone must point at it and laugh.” His recent work has appeared in a number of journals and anthologies including The Clinch Mountain Review, Floyd County Moonshine, Artemis, The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, and Try to Have Your Writing Make Sense : The Quintessential PFFA Anthology.

The reading will be MC’d by Theater Major (and budding comedian), Rachel Autenreith. Refreshments will also be provided.