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Olin Gallery Presents Tif Robinette’s “Consume/ated”


zFrom February 28 to April 4, Tif Robinette’s exhibit is being displayed in the Olin Galleries. Upon entering through the gallery doors, the eerie feeling that surrounded the exhibit was overpowering. Her work is described as “sickly-sweet multi-media projects that reference environments, relationships, and her own history with a sense of excess and frivolity, finding the crude and fantastic in the everyday.”  The title was also hung up, reading “Consume/ated.” Tif was the creator of the original exhibit and everything within it. Even the small display under Tif Robinette’s name was put together in the same uncanny style. The photos displayed around the small display were previews of the ones hanging in the back of the room, and they were of friends taken in October of last year. Their theme of ectoplasm harkened back to the late nineteenth century where the spilling of white substance from all orifices was a part of séances commonly held. The plaque by the station that encouraged visitors to enact their own ectoplasm experience said, “Robinette is interested in sensationalizing the bits that ooze out when we are squeezed.”

Her actual photos were displayed on the farthest wall from the entrance. Men and women were staged with white cloth or gloves covering them, flowing from their mouth, their pants or their ears. The effect was incredibly paranormal despite being staged because of the stories that were framed as true that they were based on.

During the whole experience of the art exhibit, a film was being played on repeat on the far left wall. It was a woodland scene filmed by above. The first sight in the film to draw attention was the blowing leaves. However, below the leaves was a girl making her way through the woods, jumping from rock to rock. Although there was no explained connection, the voice that was playing in the exhibit room seemed a part of this film. The voice was disembodied and therefore disturbing in its lulling tones. It described the experience of one girl in first person and her destroyed childhood home, her reflections on a particular moment in her life.

On the opposing wall was a pink and white sculpture. Upon closer examination, there were cigarette butts attached by wire to it and a horn coming out of the very top. To the left of this on the same wall were drawings. Naked women showed the process of saving a fish from drowning. Other pictures described other strange procedures- witchcraft or at least an attempt to breach into the paranormal was the overpowering sense from the drawings.

The middle of the room hosted many larger sculptures. Perhaps animals perhaps something else, the art was left up to the interpreter in its abstracity. Three Piles of flowers and hair and pig snouts were also on the floor in a small group. Their particular purpose was equally up to the observer. The room was divided by its colors; the light colors of pink and white on the right, the reds to the back left and a long dark camouflaged structure in the middle. Each was far different from any of the others. The entire room captured many different emotions, but they were all drawn together with the overarching sense of eerie and supernatural happenings that Tif Robinette worked into every piece she made.