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Letter to the Editor


Thank you for your good coverage of the Forum on Ukraine held on March 14 in Miller Hall. The Russian incursion into Crimea has resulted in the illegal seizure of territory and the trampling of a sovereign nation’s right to govern. Sadly the crisis in Crimea may be just a foretaste of what is to come, as some 30,000 Russian troops stand at battle readiness along the eastern border of Ukraine. We encourage the college community to keep abreast of the situation by remaining informed and by discussing the ongoing events with professors, friends, and family. I reiterate the invitation we made at the forum for students and all interested persons to come speak with Dr. Willingham (History), Dr. Mihalache-Okeef (Public Affairs), or me at any time with questions or thoughts about Ukraine and Russia.

Sincerely, Dr. Martha Kuchar (English)