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Exercise enthusiasts and fun-lovers alike gathered in the Alumni Gym on Sunday to participate in the annual Zumba-thon!  The participants were diverse in age, ranging from small kids to much older women, all there to just have fun and burn some calories. All participants were given royal blue tank tops with “Keep Calm and Zumba On” emblazed in bright yellow on the back. This served as cheerful attire, matching the nature of the event.

Zumba-thon was originally going to take place many weeks ago, but was snowed out like several other events and had to be re-scheduled. The fitness event was sponsored by H.E.A.T. and had a good amount of student involvement.

The small crowds of eager Zumba fans were led by senior, Tyler Barnes, and her Zumba assistant, who will be taking over leading the classes in the fall. This event was bittersweet for Tyler since it would be her last fitness event before graduation, but she still led the workout by being encouraging and positive, as usual.

The event only lasted an hour and a half, but everyone there worked up a sweat and enjoyed the fun of Zumba together. A raffle was held directly after the last song and prizes included a RC sweatshirt, Mac & Bob’s gift card, and a Walmart gift card. The event appeared to be a success with participants leaving a bit tired, but extremely happy.