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Dear Sue: “A Confused Guy”


Dear Sue,

I like this girl whom I see a few times a week. We both have similar majors involving English-related stuff, but I know I’m out of her league. She is an honors student, and I am not. Her grades are (I assume) fairly high whereas I’ve struggled throughout the year. Perhaps I am too cynical towards myself, and while I wouldn’t do anything drastic to show I like her, I can’t help but feel I would be making a fool out of myself.


A Confused Guy


Dear Confused,

It seems as if you are running off a lot of assumptions. How do you know you are out of her league if you do not give yourself the chance to find out? School does not come easy to some people, which is normal; and the fact that you are able to recognize that it is not one of your strong suits shows great personal insight. One thing that may be overlooked here is that college is not like high school. Cliques are not exclusive, if they are existent at all. She may be in honors, but chances are it does not matter to her if you are or not. It does not mean that you are anything less than her, or anybody else for that matter. What is the worst that could happen if you just go for it? She may say no, which does not mean there is anything wrong with you or that you or that you are not good enough. She may just not be interested in a relationship right now. However, she could say yes! And if she does, you will feel silly for not asking sooner! There is only one way to know!

I know these situations can be embarrassing, and maybe just going for it is out of your comfort zone. In that case, there is nothing wrong with becoming friends. If you get to know her, you may realize that everything you are worried about is not necessary. You may realize you two have a lot in common and that maybe she does like you! Think about it this way, if next week, you saw her with another guy, would you have regret for not doing something sooner?