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Review: Goat Simulator is Ludicrously Addictive


Video games often take themselves seriously, and so do the developers. Time is taken to correctly program everything for fair gameplay and delivering the experience the developers strive to give the gamers. Whether it is to ensure correct physics and balance of the gameplay, to trying to being as authentic as possible, games tend to strive for believability and realism in today’s market.

Now there is Goat Simulator. Developed by Coffee Stain Studios for the PC on Steam, Goat Simulator is a game that does not take itself seriously. It’s intentionally broken, has insane gameplay mechanics, and surprises you at every turn with some of the funniest ideas I have seen in a game in a while. Goat Simulator was created as an April Fool’s game, parodying the numerous, awful simulator games that have released in the past few years such as Toilet Tycoon or Traffic Simulator. I wish I was making those titles up.

Interestingly, Goat Simulator introduces a different concept to the game creation formula: replacing rational and logistical physics for purposefully preposterous reactions to your character’s (in this case, a goat) actions in the world you ravage…for whatever reason that may be. There are no set objectives in the game and there is not a word of a story. However, in this case, it certainly isn’t needed. All you act upon in Goat Simulator is running around a small town and gain a high score in any ridiculous way you can: whether it be destroying everything, riding treadmills, jumping on randomly-placed trampolines, searching for hidden trophies, and/or dragging people through the streets with your tongue. If you can think of something outrageous or bizarre, then you can probably enact that in Goat Simulator in some way, shape, or form…playing an immortal goat.

Everything is absurd in Goat Simulator and never will you find yourself not laughing. Characters explode and fall in a hilarious ragdoll effect (how you use a goat to make people explode is up to you), cars can be destroyed with a head-butt, anything and everything sticks to your goat’s forever-expanding tongue and can be dragged across the map at your pleasure, and whales can live outside of water (potential spoiler). This is just the “tip of the iceberg” of some of the wacky and outrageous stunts you can perform in the game. The game also has a quite a few surprises waiting for you that you can only discover by playing the game and exploring the world. A small example includes finding a fighting pit where you fight against another goat with a crowd cheering you on. If you successfully defeat all of the “challengers,” you unlock a buff goat: a goat with the strength of a Dragon Ball Z character.

Much awaits you in the world of Goat Simulator, and its hilarity not only promises unlimited replay value, but also showcases the surprising (and silly) potential for the game. Coffee Stain Studios have already confirmed they are working on free DLC for the game containing a new map to play on, new goat abilities, and local multiplayer. If you’re looking for a zany, hilarious game to play that has both high replay value and future expansion, Goat Simulator is worth the ten dollar investment.