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Review: “RC Uprising”


I’m sure many of you have heard of Roanoke College’s The Uprising Campaign, right? I mean, they’ve literally been beating our doors down because of it. As annoying as some of you might think that is, I think it’s absolutely fantastic. Our schools needs us, as evidenced by the slogan of the campaign “7,4,2…#1 is next. We need you.” The school is asking for donations from anyone with a pulse so that we can rise to the top of the “Up and Coming Liberal Arts Colleges” list. Who wouldn’t think that’s great?

First off, it’s showing a great sense of ambition. Our school is setting the perfect example of the philosophy that they of course want to instill in each and every one of us. That philosophy is – in order to get where we want to be in life, we must endeavor to advance ourselves in any way we can, including humbling ourselves and asking for and accepting help even from places where we may think that they have helped enough. I get it. We pay roughly $100,000 a year to go to this school, how dare they even think about asking us to donate anymore? Well, I say, how dare we think about not giving back to Roanoke even a little bit. This school has striven to provide us with the nicest things, most importantly being a quality education. When we graduate, our diploma is going to mean something. And not just “something”. It will have more meaning due to the efforts Roanoke has made to ensure that our school is seen as one of the best. And one way they’re doing that is through this campaign. So, if our amazing school is doing so much, hiring fantastic teachers, making sure academic integrity is held up by everyone, etc. to help us get a good paying job after we graduate, why can’t we show a little bit of appreciation by donating even the smallest amount, if not more? They’re not asking for a $100 bill from all of us. Though that would be a significant help, they’re only asking for what we have to give and are accepting donations as low as 1 cent. Now, that’s humility.

The Roanoke College website lists five more reasons why we should be happy to donate. These are all great reasons to give to Roanoke, and no one can deny that. If you wish to see these reasons and other experiences that these gifts make possible, visit the website at http://roanoke.edu/theuprising. Please, please give.