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Dear Sue: “Exam Fanatic”


Dear Sue,

I am having such a problem trying to study for exams. These are very important, and normally I study for tests in my room, but for some reason my roommate is not respecting my study habits now. I have, what I feel like, tougher exams than she does considering all mine are cumulative and hers are not. This is “Hell” week and she has been partying and drinking this week, and I just don’t understand. She is always being loud. What should I do about studying or handling this situation for the next week?


Exam Fanatic



Dear Fanatic,

I’m glad you came here for help! First of all, have you tried talking to your roommate? It sounds like you’ve just been passively letting her shenanigans go on, which can be appropriate in some cases if they’re not too bad, but not when it is interfering with your studies. Try gently reminding her of the agreement both of you should have signed in the beginning of the year. Let her know that you really need to get some studying done or your exams will not go as well as you would like. She may not completely understand because she does not have to do as much to prepare for her finals. Let her know that, if her behavior that is contrary to the agreement you signed goes on, you will have no choice but to go to the RA to help resolve the problem.

If that solution does not work, join Club Fintel! The library has some great study spaces and the 2nd floor, Silent Study might be perfect for you. Good luck with your roommate and your exams!

Sue Z. Maroon