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Roanoke Jazz and Wind Ensemble Concert


On Tuesday evening at 7:30 pm, Olin Theater was filled with jubilant circus music as The Roanoke College Jazz Ensemble and RC Wind Ensemble performed their spring semester concert.

Perhaps the most important part of the concert was the recognition of Graduating seniors, as this was their last concert with either the jazz or wind ensembles. The seniors recognized in the Jazz Ensemble were Ruth Trochim, and Dylan White. In the Wind Ensemble, Samantha Barker, Libby Compton, Leslie Schallock, Keisha Stoots, Ashley Stoots, Felicity Ratway, Reeve Aguayo,  and Marcel Galiber II. Trochim and White also performed with the Wind Ensemble.

The Jazz Ensemble, directed by Dr. Joseph Blaha, entertained the audience with five selected pieces. Their selections included “Cantaloupe Island,” a Herbie Hancock piece, “Riptide,” “Moanin’,” “Embraceable You,” and they ended their performance with a fun rendition of “Summertime.” Audience members enjoyed the performance and enthusiastically gave the performers a round of applause after each piece.

Following a short intermission to reset the stage, The RC Wind Ensemble filed in to perform their fun circus themed concert.  Dr. Blaha introduced the band, and then handed over the conducting stage to assistant conductor, senior Ruth Trochim. Trochim conducted the ensembles first piece which included “The Battle Introduction” from Gladiator, and flowed into the lively selection of “The Circus Bee,” by Henry Fillmore. Dr. Blaha took the conducting stage for the remainder of the sections for the Wind Ensemble.

The concert also included other notable circus themed selections. Other pieces included “Morning Noon and Night in Vienna,” number IV from “The Planets,” entitled “Jupiter” by Gustav Holst, and three movements from “Ballet Parisien.” The three movements from “Parisien,” included movement 1, “Overture,” movement IV, “Valse,” and the finale movement appropriately titled “Finale.”

Rounding out the Wind Ensembles performance was the ever popular and fun tune of “Barnum and Bailey’s Favorite,” written by Karl King and then rescored for concert performance by Glenn Bainum.  The final concert of the year ended with a standing ovation from the students, faculty, and family in the audience.

The Wind Ensemble will perform the music for Commencement on May 3, and the next concert will be announced in the fall semester of 2014.