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49 Ways to Use a Newspaper


Christy Blevins


In this day and age, the business of printing newspapers is slowly fading. More and more papers are online, but some companies still make print papers. So, what do you do with your old papers you have laying around? Why do we still need printed papers in this society? Here are 49 different ways a printed newspaper can be used:


  1. To make paper hats
  2. To use for packing material
  3. Great substitution for a rag to wash windows
  4. To make a ransom letter look mysterious
  5. Papier Mâché crafts
  6. Great for a painter’s drop cloth
  7. To make paper airplanes
  8. Cutting out pictures for decoration
  9. Make a collage of articles
  10. Newspapers make great stuffing for crafts
  11. To make a paper boat
  12. Use newspapers to tape on your windows to keep out sunlight
  13. Makes great rustic wrapping paper
  14. Line your trash cans
  15. To shred and make confetti
  16. To line a pet’s cage
  17.  Drying wet shoes
  18. Use a stack as a pillow in the library
  19. Hide your face in public when necessary
  20. To keep the fridge smelling fresh by lining the bottom
  21. Helps seeds grow in a new garden
  22. Ripen your tomatoes
  23. Use papers as a book cover for your boring textbooks
  24. Tablecloths that are easily disposable
  25. Origami projects
  26. As a fire starter
  27. Use it to make an envelope
  28. Make gift bags
  29. Roll it up and use as a defense technique
  30. Shine your steel
  31. Makes great bedding for compost
  32. Use it to dust
  33. Place on windshields to prevent having to scrape ice
  34.  Wrap your fish
  35. Stuff a flat bicycle tire
  36. Make paper flowers
  37. Provides insulation when dorm heat goes out
  38. Weed Blocker
  39. Makes great gift basket filling
  40. Use as wallpaper
  41. Make artsy placemats
  42. Make news print nail art
  43. Spit balls!
  44. Find new vocabulary words
  45. Use as tissues during finals week
  46. Makes great bookmarks
  47. A sword in impromptu sword fights
  48. A great source of information


Use this printed school newspaper in any of the above mentioned ways, though especially try number 49; I heard that one is the most fun.