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New Staff Members at Roanoke College


Xena Callaham


This year, Roanoke added many new people to the staff, among whom were Aaron Fetrow, Thomas Rambo, and Carla Flahrety.

Aaron Fetrow is the new Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students. He graduated from Manchester University and previously held the same job title at Guilford College for a decade. However, he felt that the open position at Roanoke College was a better opportunity. When asked what plans he had to fulfill his job this year, Fetrow replied, “Just being present a lot and planning informal activities with the students.” Fetrow said he wants to do his best to work with Student Affairs to offer students the best possible experience outside of the classroom. Fetrow is married to his wife, Jodi, and has two sons, Jadon (12) and Zach (9).

The new Director of Campus Safety is Thomas Rambo. Thomas Rambo has a great deal of experience with the area of Campus Safety, which is something new that he brings to the table. He was previously the Assistant Vice President for Student Life Associate Dean of Students Director of Public Safety at Susquehanna College in Pennsylvania and was the Chief of Police at the University of Pennsylvania. He also taught classes at Susquehanna and wants to offer students at Roanoke different classes to engage them in safety. Rambo was very familiar with Roanoke College from the past. He had done work with the former director, Tom Turner, and has had the pleasure of working with students and staff before.

Roanoke also welcomes Carla Flahrety as the new Women’s Basketball coach. Flahrety started out playing basketball at Bates College before graduating and moving on to become an Assistant Coach for six years there. She then went on to become Head Coach at Lasell College for 4 years. Flahrety said, “If you work hard and smart, good things will happen. You can’t out-talent anyone, you have to out-work them.” Flahrety says that she is not nervous at all to be starting anew. She understands that she has big shoes to fill, but she is eager to learn all that she can from Susan Dunagan, the previous coach of 33 years. Flahrety’s main goal this year is to use basketball to help young women grow and mature. As a final message to students at the end of the interview, she stated, “Come out. Enjoy. Support your fellow classmates. You can help win games too.”

If you see any of these new staff around campus, be sure to give them a hearty Roanoke welcome!