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Roanoke College Welcomes Students with a Splash


Christy Blevins

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President Maxey accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge during Freshman Orientation

RC President Mike Maxey and his wife Terri accepted the ALS ice bucket challenge on August 24 in front of the entire freshman class and O-group leaders. This was just one of the many exciting things to happen around campus at this year’s orientation, but also highlighted the spirit of what it means to be a Maroon and part of a community to the new students.

The Brackety-Ack would like to give a warm welcome to the 670 new Maroons on campus. We would also like to give a big “Welcome Back” to our returning Maroons.  This year many changes are happening around Roanoke, from new professors, to advances in Fintel Library, to the progress on the Cregger Center.  To get all the updates and facts on events happening around campus, be sure to pick up your copy of The Brackety-Ack every Friday in the blue newspaper racks located in Colket Center.