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Back to School Bingo


Rachel Miles

On Friday August 29th, CAB hosted one of the most anticipated events of welcome week- Roanoke’s first Bingo of the 2014-2015 school year. Over an hour before the event, students began lining the halls outside the gym. Up until the moment the music ended after the final prize, the energy and excitement was tangible. The event took place in Bast Gym; a Friday night that saw over five hundred and twenty students swipe their cards for seats. Music could be heard from outside the doors and drew even more students in as the night progressed. Upon entering the gym, everyone was offered candy, snacks from Cavern and drinks. The music was on loud and the lights were on low; the tension was building even before the numbers were called out. However, the rounds began moving quickly, each one with a different design for the board. Some rounds called for participants to have the shape of an arrow on their boards, four corners, a box, a picture frame or an “X.” The prizes were also varied. Some prizes had bags of candy or snacks, while other prizes included a themed bag of “We the Kings” items such as T shirts and CD’s to promote the upcoming concert held in the same space this Saturday. There was also a workout themed pack and date night theme. Some of the larger prizes included an apple TV,  a high quality camera worth over $400 and the flat screen TV and sound system. Between each round, students were hopping out of their seats to dance down the isles to some of the classic songs that would come on every time some yelled “Bingo!” There were over 20 chances to win a prize pack. Near the end of the night, for those who stayed until almost eleven, another prize was announced whose winner would be picked based solely on the chair they chose to sit in. Everyone immediately stood up and began throwing their chairs up to check for a winning ticket to see “We the Kings.” Overall, the night was full of excitement, surprises and fun for everyone who came. There will be one more Bingo event before the semester is over.