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Dear Sue: “Frustrated Roommate”


Dear Sue,

This is my first year at college and I’ve never had a roommate before. When my roommate and I first moved in we got along fine, but now we are starting to get on each others’ nerves. I’m not sure if this is something everyone goes through or if this is unique. What should I do to make our living situation more bearable? Help me!


Frustrated Roommate


Dear Frustrated Roommate,

I think everybody has been where you are now! Especially if you’ve never roomed with someone before, it can be kind of weird ironing out the kinks of your daily routine. If you get up or go to sleep at different times or have different ideas of how you want to use your room, it can be particularly tricky. Luckily, roommate agreements exist for a reason! You guys might have discussed your expectations for your living space, but if those have gone out the window, talking to your roommate is the best way to directly solve the problem. It might feel awkward, but having those conversations let your roomie know that you have a problem and you’re willing to compromise to get it solved, just keep it calm and collected, not accusatory. Realize that you have to be willing to compromise. Talk to each other, try to work it out, but if that still doesn’t fix the issue, your RA has been trained to deal with stuff like this. Bring them into the conversation and they’ll help you work it out. And with any luck, this is just a phase before you two really get into the swing of things and the frustration goes away on its own.

I wish you the best of luck!


Sue Z. Maroon