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Say You Like Me: We the Kings Perform at Roanoke College

WTK Rebecca Siar
Photo Courtesy of Rebecca Siar

Erin Keating


On Saturday, September 6th, CAB hosted this year’s Fall Concert featuring We the Kings.  A few hours before the doors to Bast opened for the concert, twenty lucky students got to meet the band members, Travis Clark, Hunter Thomsen, Danny Duncan, and Coley O’Toole.  Unfortunately, bassist and YouTube star Charles Trippy, was unable to attend the concert due to prior engagements. From the moment the band walked through the doors of the Kime Conference Room, upstairs in Colket, it was clear that they were relaxed and here for a good time.  “Okay team, we are here because fourth quarter sales are low,” the drummer, Duncan joked with the students, who had been waiting eagerly in the conference room for over an hour for the band to arrive.

The band held an informal question-and-answer session with the group; when asked what the strangest thing they had ever done at a concert was, lead guitarist, Thomsen, quickly responded, “Answering questions in a college conference room.”  They also spoke candidly about their recent performance at Vans Warped Tour, describing it as “summer camp” although they certainly did not miss “showering out of buckets and the Port-A-Potties”.  One of their Warped Tour stories also included how lead singer, Clark, got the band in trouble with the Warped Tour management for jokingly encouraging the audience to throw their shoes onstage during the performance, which the crowd of 10,000 took very seriously.

Their joking, casual attitude was also evident in the high energy and highly interactive concert they performed later that night.  Following the opening act, Fighting Cloud, a band from Richmond, Virginia, We the Kings took the stage and opened with “Queen of Hearts” from their new album Somewhere, Somehow.  The women’s soccer team earned a shout out from the band who attended their game, and onstage, Clark congratulated them for their win against Franklin and Marshall, as well as complimented them on looking so good while doing it.  They even dedicated their performance of “Secret Valentine” to the girls.  Engaging the audience again, the band invited the students to be a part of their music video for their single, “Any Other Way.”  Later, students Lillian Judge and Clare Nelson were invited onstage by Clark to be their back-up dancers during their cover of Jimmy Eats World’s “The Middle.”

When it was time to play, “I Feel Alive,” the song that Duncan says is his favorite to perform for this very reason, the band stopped the show to teach the students a few dance moves.  The first was the notorious Sorority Squat, in which one must “put your hands on your thighs, forget everything you know about posture, and drop,” according to Clark.  Second was the Inflatable Arm Man, a dance move seen at car-dealerships everywhere.  During the performance, Clark shouted out directions for the dance moves, allowing the students to make complete fools of themselves but have a great time doing it.

The epic concert closed with the band’s most famous song, “Check Yes Juliet” during which the crowd went wild and sang along since they knew all the words.  The band knew how to work the crowd and every student left feeling exhausted from dancing for two hours, but also incredibly excited to have experienced such an amazing show.