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The Maroon Express: Updated Shuttle-System


Christy Blevins


The Maroon Express system will no longer be a bus that runs on Saturdays to only a few locations, but now taxis are available to students courtesy of the Salem Taxi Inc.

In previous years, the Maroon Express has been a shuttle bus that runs on Saturdays with stops at the main campus and Elizabeth campus. This previous shuttle visited only a few locations including the Valley View Mall, Valley View Grande Theater, and Roanoke’s Center in the Square. This year however, the shuttle bus is no more. Instead, the “Premiere Shuttle System” uses Salem Taxis that are available to students, free of charge with a voucher and a maroon card, on Friday through Sunday.

This new shuttle system offers taxis to students who have a voucher and a maroon card from 12pm on Fridays to 9pm on Sundays.

To use this new taxi system, students must first visit the information desk in Colket Center to obtain two vouchers: one for the ride to the destination, and the other to get back. Once the vouchers are obtained, students must call the taxi service about an hour ahead of the time they wish to leave. And that’s practically it. The dispatcher will give the requesting student a call when they arrive, and students need only present the vouchers and a valid maroon card.

Perks of the taxi shuttle system is that it is able to reach further destinations, and it runs throughout the weekend. Students can be transported to four zones: A, B, C, D. These zones are Salem, the Roanoke airport, Roanoke City, and Hollins University, respectively. Some of the highlight locations include: Walmart, Salem Valley 8 Cinema, Lee-Hi Bowling, the Valley View Mall area, Tangle-Wood Mall, and the Mill Mountain Star. This is not a complete list of the locations.

Students may take the taxi service to the airports when leaving for breaks, as long as it is on the weekends. They may use it to travel back also as long as they arrive on a weekend and have a completed voucher.

The new system of transportation will help the students who lack a car to explore surroundings and go beyond the borders of Roanoke’s campus. To contact Salem Taxi call (540) 389-5555, and pick up vouchers at the Information Desk in Colket.