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The Jordan Harman Band


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Rachel Miles


On Friday September 19, The Jordan Harman Band came to play in the Cavern. Admission was free, and Cavern supplied the equivalent of a swipe without charge for students who ordered food to eat while they listened. The lights were dimmed, and the speakers were turned up loud to draw those walking by into the concert. There were colored lights flashing down on the four band members: a pianist, a drummer, a guitarist, and the lead guitarist who also served as the lead singer.

The band played a mix of covers and original songs. Their songs were a soul pop genre that jived well with many of those in the audience. Sophomore Wes Riddle said, “They played my favorite genre of music. If they played again, I’d be back.” During an intermission, Riddle also went up to speak with the guitarist about favorite bands and other shows that they do. A couple band members also took a moment to show another student some tricks on his guitar, letting him play for a few minutes. The way that they interacted with the audience made them even more popular with everyone in the Cavern.

A lot of students filtered in and out over the two and a half hour period, enjoying the music as they ate the food that was provided. Also outside of the Cavern that night, as will be the case on future nights, was a food collection table for food donations from students with extra swipes. The event was sponsored by Student Activities and RC After Dark. The full room was a clear sign that The Jordan Harman Band’s performance was a success.