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To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade?


By Erin Keating


The iPhone 6 has been so highly anticipated that their pre-orders are breaking records according to Apple.  However, is it really worth the hype?  The new iPhone 6 slogan “Bigger than Bigger” is ringing true.  Both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have substantially larger and higher resolution screens than the iPhone 5.  The iPhone 6 Plus is the size of a small tablet, with a whopping 5 ½ inch Retina display.  However, despite its size, the new iPhone is the thinnest ever at 7 millimeters thick.

The iPhone 6 has a maximum capacity of 128 GB, double the maximum capacity of the iPhone 5S and four times more than the iPhone 5C.  However, that kind of capability comes at a steep price.  Rumors have been floating around that the iPhone 6 Plus could cost almost one thousand dollars, available only through T-Mobile’s Contract Free option.  The iPhone 6 Plus, with 128 GB of memory, is available through other service providers such as AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon, for five hundred dollars.

Still sounds like a lot?  Don’t panic: iPhone 6 with 16 GB is available for two hundred dollars.  However, this could be good for people with iPhone 4’s who are looking to upgrade because the price of the iPhone 5 is predicted to drop dramatically after the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are released on September 19th.

Another iPhone 6 myth that has been debunked is that texting will be like Snapchat, and messages will automatically delete after a certain amount of time.  In actuality, this will only affect pictures and videos being sent through iOS 8’s messaging app, in an attempt to free up extra memory on the phone. It appears that there is no need to worry about texting at all; with the iPhone 6, texting seems like it will be easier than ever before.  You have the option to reply to messages without changing screens, easier access to attachments, a better keyboard, and can finally opt-out of those annoying group messages.

However, the best new feature on the iPhone 6 is the incredible battery life.  The iPhone 6 Plus, which is shaping up to be the mother of all iPhones, has a battery life of twenty-four hours when talking on 3G—almost two and a half times as long as the iPhone 5.  When it comes down to it, whether you choose to invest in the iPhone 6 or not, the fact remains that this iPhone is going to set a new precedent for Apple products.