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Family Weekend Build–a–Bear Workshop


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By Amanda Wolfe


On Friday, September 26th, CAB hosted a Build-a-Bear as one of the kick start events to Family Weekend. The event, which was free of charge to students and their families, was unsurprisingly popular with students, younger siblings, and even the parents.

Similar to the experience one would have at Build-a-Bear Workshop, there was a plethora of unstuffed animals to choose from, elephants, bears, pandas, dogs, moose, and zebras, upon entering. Cotton stuffing scattered the Wortmann Ballroom tables and floors as people enthusiastically stuffed their new toy as if they were little kids again. After zipping up the seam and dressing the animal in a Roanoke College t-shirt, students had themselves a new source of comfort while they’re away from home.

When asked about the event, various people expressed that they were enjoying themselves because the experience made them feel as if they were young again. In short, the campus build-a-bear event allowed students to take a breather from the fast-paced college life, and have fun.