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Women’s Field Hockey vs. Sweet Briar College


Emily Geno


The women’s field hockey team faced off against ODAC competitor Sweet Briar College on October 1, in Kerr Stadium. The Maroons seemed to have a starting advantage with a 4-5 record and 0-2 in ODAC, compared to Sweet Briar’s 0-9 and 0-1 in ODAC. It was clear that the Maroons meant business.

In the first few minutes of the game, sophomore Shelbi Holloman scored a goal, followed by another goal by freshman Caroline Peterson.

The Maroons dominated the field for the entire first half, keeping the Vixens on their toes and scoring four more times by the end of the half. Sophomore Kellie Jasinski, freshman Jacklyn Farides, freshman Emily McQueen, and sophomore Shelbi Holloman all scored goals, with 11:08 left in the half. After the 35 minutes were up, the Maroons seemed excited and confident.

At the beginning of the second half, Sweet Briar finally returned Roanoke’s intensity with their first score of the game by sophomore Allison McLamb. The Maroons spent a significant amount of time on their own side of the field, as opposed to the mainly offensive first half.

Roanoke brought back the energy they had established from the beginning; however, ten minutes into the half, Shelbi Holloman scored again, bagging a hat trick for the game.

Once it seemed like Sweet Briar had finally woken up, they held their ground on Roanoke’s half of the field for a good five or six minutes of play.  Both teams went back and forth without scoring, until a time-out was finally called with 10:02 left in the half. Both teams seemed to need to regroup and refocus their energies. At this point, the score was 7-1 with Roanoke dominating the whole game.

When the game was back in play, freshman Caroline Peterson scored the final goal of the game with plenty of time to spare. In the last moments before the buzzer went off, Sweet Briar shot the ball from midfield in a last-ditch effort to make a goal, but missed by a long shot and the Maroons were victorious with a final score of 8-1.

The team’s next game is at Virginia Wesleyan on October 4 in an ODAC contest.