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Abracadabra: How to Charm the Socks off of Anyone


By Emily Sorenson


Maybe you’re struggling to find an acceptable date to Prez Ball, or perhaps you’ve been so stressed out about midterm grades that you had a break out. So, you turn to voodoo and other magic tricks and charms to solve the problem.

Magic is powerful and can be very dangerous, so you might be tempted to look up your local witch, wizard, warlock, voodoo priest or priestess, but you can actually practice magic yourself from the comfort of your room. Now, voodoo dolls are nice and all, but that won’t help you get better grades or clear skin. Instead, you should try using a medieval charm or a simple spell.

Medieval charms are time-tested and you can find them easily enough online or at your local library. While most are written in Latin and Old English, the translations will work just as well. You might be surprised at the Christian nature of the text, but religion and magic have been closely associated from the beginning and actually work in tandem.

If you can’t find a charm that suits your needs, use a spell. You might want to stock up on black candles, a cauldron, garlic, herbs, and animal blood. Boil water in the cauldron and slowly add the necessary ingredients making sure to stir well and chant clearly. Your incantation should preferably rhyme and use flowery old language. When in doubt, use the word “Abracadabra” which traditionally means “good luck.”

While practicing magic, it would be prudent to take some safety precautions. Never leave a boiling cauldron or lighted candles unattended. Don’t summon demons without using a devils trap, and be sure to surround yourself with a circle of salt.

Keep tabs on yourself in the days and weeks following your charm or spell for any signs that the incantation was blocked or rebounded on you.

Before beginning, do not forget to use a protective anti-witchcraft spell such as the following on yourself:

He who forges images, he who bewitches the malevolent aspect, the evil eye, the malevolent lip, the finest sorcery, Spirit of heaven, conjure it! Spirit of earth, conjure it!