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The Ghost of Smith 23


By Samantha Snead


One night, about a month into my freshman year, my roommate and I got into bed at around one in the morning. Like we always did, we talked for a while, until both of us decided to try to fall asleep. We had stopped talking for about half an hour when both of us sat up within seconds of each other. Neither of us had known that the other was awake, so we were immediately creeped out by the fact that both of us had sat up at the same time. When I asked her why she’d sat up, she said, “I don’t know. I just got this weird feeling all of a sudden.” I’d sat up because I felt pressure on my chest, almost as if someone was sitting on top of me. We were a little unnerved by the fact that both of us felt strange at the exact same time, but knew we had an 8:30 class the next day, so we chose to ignore it and try to go back to sleep.

About an hour later, just as we were falling asleep, we heard a noise coming from the hallway that sounded like someone was knocking on the door. Neither of us wanted to be the one to go check, but I finally got out of bed to see who was there. Of course, in typical horror movie fashion, I opened the door to find no one in the hall. It was now pushing three in the morning on a weeknight, so we were pretty convinced that it wasn’t anyone in our building.

Now thoroughly creeped out, there was no way I was going to be able to fall asleep. My roommate did, though, and so the events that followed were experienced only by me, though I assure you, they are 100% true.

I was beginning to drift off to sleep again when I heard something fall off my desk. My roommate was sound asleep and I was nowhere near my desk, so I knew some outside source must’ve knocked it over. Convinced that there was a murderer in the room about to make me his next victim, I tried to keep as still as possible. A few minutes later, I heard what sounded like scratching on the door. I was now in full-out panic mode, so I turned on my phone’s flashlight and basically spent the rest of the night sitting up in bed scanning the room for anything else suspicious. Finally, when the light began to creep into the room through the blinds, I turned off my flashlight and tried to fall asleep – just in time to wake up for my 8:30.

From that point forward, we joked that there was a ghost living in our room, although we never had any more eerie experiences. Nevertheless, I made a habit of sleeping with the TV on in the hopes that it would ward off any malevolent spirits or killers that entered my room in the future.  ​