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Big Hero 6 Review


By Erin Keating


Disney’s Big Hero 6—its first animated movie based on Marvel comics—opened on Nov. 7 and closed its successful weekend by ranking  in $56.2 million according to Yahoo Movies.

In high-tech San Fransokyo, fourteen-year-old Hiro Hamada is a genius, and brilliant robotics designer who is more content winning easy money on “Bot Battles” than applying his skill to help society.  At the urging of his older brother, Tadashi, Hiro enters a technology expo at San Fransokyo University, designing micro-bots that can assemble into anything he can imagine.  After tragedy hits and Hiro’s micro-bots are stolen, he teams up with his brother’s university friends and an inflatable health-care robot named Baymax, to take down a masked villain.

The Big Hero 6 team isn’t a band of mutants like in the comics; they are college science geniuses, and the college mascot.  The gadgets they have invented look like so much fun that for a moment, any college student who sees it is likely to question whether they should switch to a science major immediately.  Although a majority of the voice actors in Big Hero 6 are not as well-known as Frozen’s Idina Menzel or Kristen Bell, the cast’s chemistry and comedic timing were perfect.  Stand-out performances including Scott Adsit, the voice of Baymax, who delivered Baymax’s loveable robotic monotone and TJ Miller, the voice of Fred, a super-hero obsessed sign-spinner who is “college mascot by day, but by night, also a college mascot.”

Ideas that ordinary people can be extraordinary and that everyone can do something to help mankind are very Disney-based ideas shining through in this Marvel-based movie.  Although another major theme of the movie is how to cope with grief, don’t expect that this movie will in any way bring you down after seeing it.  It is laugh-out-loud funny and heart-warming movie, albeit a little predictable.  If anyone still doubts Disney’s ability to produce Marvel movies, this movie will erase all of that doubt entirely.  In true Marvel movie fashion, Stan Lee makes a cameo and this animated feature is no different.  Just make sure that you stay until the very end of the credits to catch him!